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Sky High Relaxation, Grounded in Comfort.

Escape to ARIA, a serene poolside oasis amidst Dubai’s skyline, offering a feast of comfort food and exquisite mocktails, for day-to-night relaxation.

Stunning Views

Overlooking Dubai’s skyline and a bustling airport runway, ARIA offers a visually unique and captivating experience.

Food and Beverages

A diverse selection of comfort food and artfully crafted mocktails, catering to all tastes and moods.

Relaxed Ambience

ARIA offers a serene haven for poolside afternoons or casual evenings, away from the city’s bustle.

Savor the flavors of ARIA’s diverse menu, featuring indulgent comfort food that perfectly complements your poolside relaxation.

Sky-High Poolside


Extensive drink menu

Experience ARIA’s refreshing Mocktails.

Indulge in ARIA’s visually stunning and deliciously crafted mocktails, each adding a splash of unique refreshment to your poolside experience, enhancing the enjoyment of the serene setting and Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline view.

Chill Vibes, ARIA Shisha

Relax and unwind at ARIA with our enticing shisha selection, adding an aromatic touch to your poolside lounging. Each flavorful puff promises a unique, soothing experience against the backdrop of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline.